Mykonos is one of the most fabulous places on planet earth. That is not even an exaggeration! It can be trashy but we are not about that life so our trip to Mykonos was definitely fab! We would recommend making reservations in advanced at the restaurants, beach clubs and nightclubs you really want to go to (if possible) because you don't want to miss out on anything. You will legit get the worst fomo! 



Seriously one of the best hotels we have ever stayed in. We stayed here for the total duration of our trip and the service was amazing, all of the staff are SO NICE, they make the best aperol spritz, it's only a 1 min walk to the town, the breakfast buffet is INSANE and the best part are the beds which are SO COMFY (this is super important to us). This hotel is gay friendly so naturally we loved it, nothing better than sitting around the pool surrounded by fabulous gay men tbh!



Located in Mykonos Town, Mamalouka is a beautiful outdoor restaurant with a flower filled ceiling. We had some great pasta, seafood and cocktails here.  The service was also wonderful!


Located in a cave on the edge of the sea in Agia Anna, Spilia is undoubtedly the best seafood restaurant in Mykonos. It is ultimate!!! The food, the view, the cocktails, the music! The whole vibe is amazing and we had the best time here. A definite must visit in Mykonos.

Ling Ling

Located in Old Town Mykonos, Ling Ling by Hakkasan serve some of the best modern chinese food we have ever eaten. It is very cool, the music is amazing and the cocktails are beyond divine. We had a 1am dinner here and it was the ultimate Mykonos experience. Would highly recommend!


Located at Agios Sostis Beach, Kikis is the famous greek tavern with the 1 hour wait. Before we went, we read that it would be a one hour wait but the wait goes fast because they give you complimentary wine and you chat with the other people waiting. This was so true! The wait went so quick, we pretty much got drunk and we actually met some fellow Australians. The food was great! The salads were amazinggg and nothing beats a great salad. We also recommend the pork chop, it is massive and so juicy. There is no electricity there so everything is grilled, so good!

Buddha Bar

Located in Santa Marina Resort in Ornos Bay, Buddha Bar Beach will make you feel very poor. Seriously, it is surrounded by massive yachts and all the people are really fancy. Way too fancy for the beach tbh. We didn't use the beach, we just went to eat the sushi but by the time we got there they had stopped serving the sushi *rolls eyes* *but we take too long to get ready so it was our fault* *rolls eyes again* The food was good though, we ordered a random mix of the menu and everything was great, no complaints! The service was really good, the waiters are very cute but the hostess had a pretty basic attitude. #standardddd !


Kalua is a beach bar but we just went there to eat because we were very hungover and quite honestly, probably still a bit drunk too and we did not really know what we were doing. We ordered about 300euros worth of food and could only stomach about 13% of it. That was a pretty rough day for us but the food we did try tasted really good, we did eat all the truffle chips (standard, of course).

Souvlaki Story

Located in Mykonos Town, Souvlaki Story is the eatery in Mykonos that we miss most! 100%! I am pretty sure we ate there everyday because their gyros were legit the best and their plates of food are so goooood and soooo massive. It is way better then jimmy's and the service is top quality, I mean we were on first name basis, howzat!!!

Sushi Med

We felt like sushi and this meal totally satisfied our cravings. Literally a 2 min walk from our hotel and one of the best sushi spots we ate at on our trip!

Aglio E Olio

They put coriander on our margherita pizza. But the burrata was LIT.

Nikolas Taverna

Located at Paraga Beach, Nikolas Taverna is another well known greek seafood eatery. Unfortunately we did not capture any great photos here but we did order most of the menu and what we can say is, it is very tasty. Lots of great seafood options but Spilia was still our fave seafood spot!



A fabulous time with a fabulously large price tag but honestly it was totally worth it! We had the most amazing day on the beach filled with bottles, sushi, cocktails, wonderful service, the hottest people in Mykonos (tbh if you are self conscious don't go because you will just end up hating yourself) and the clearest water ever. We will definitely be back!


We went to Scorpios the most (after souvlaki story) because we are quite honestly obsessed with the place! We had a fantastic beach day here, spent lounging on a sun bed we hired on the beach. We ordered bottles and lots of snacks and they were all tasty. We made a reservation at the restaurant there for lunch that day and that is where the real amazing food is at! By far, the best octopus we have ever had in our whole lives was from Scorpios! They cut it up at the table and it is just completely next level delicious. All the food at the restaurant is wonderful, definitely make a reservation at the restaurant and on the beach here!

Pinky Beach

Located on the quieter side of Super Paradise and next to Jackie Os, Pinky Beach is a very relaxed beach club. We went there because we lost our luggage for four days and it was just very relaxed. We experienced great bottle service here but we did not really eat much food, just some truffle fries.

Saint Anna Beach Bar

Saint Anna Beach Bar is right next to Spilia. You can get to Spilia from this beach bar by walking along the edge of the rocks. Saint Anna is also super relaxed, they play nice french music and the water is really beautiful and clear. When we finished tanning that day, we went and ate at Spilia! We would recommend you do the same.


Located at Panormos Beach, Principaute is a fairly new beach club and it is absolutely stunning. They play great music and the atmosphere is wonderful. Would definitely recommend!


   Louis Vuitton across from Bonbonniere

Louis Vuitton across from Bonbonniere

Our nights were spent at Cavo Paradiso, Bonbonneire and Scopios. We did not capture much from these nights because our phones were always dead by that time. Those nights went from 0 to 100 real quick.